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Dental Implant

Picture of a mouth and a dental implantA dental implant is a surgical device that attaches to the jawbone to sustain an oral prosthesis, such as a crown or denture. An implant also functions as a support for an orthodontic structure. The dental implant is made of material that is integrated with the bone, for example, titanium. After an implant's attachment, a quality amount of time is a prerequisite to allowing for osseointegration before the prostheses are placed. Visit us at Camas Dentistry for a dental implant placement.

Implant Procedure

Implant procedures usually vary in the number of teeth to be replaced and the condition of the bone where the implant will be placed. The dentist makes an incision across the gingival margin, and the flap tissue is reflected using lenses to expose the jawbone area. When the bone is exposed, the dentist drills into the bone and enlarges an osteotomy where the implant will be placed. The implant post is then screwed into the bone entirely, where it has zero movements within the bony tissue. An abutment then has to be bonded to the implant. The gum flap tissue is then stitched to cover the bone and sutured.

Common Implant Misconceptions

Dental implant placement is a painless procedure as it is typically performed under anesthesia, so the patient feels no pain, except for a little manageable discomfort after the procedure. Dental implants are also safe as the metal used on the screw bonds well with the bone. Dental implants are permanent solutions to dental problems that lead to tooth loss.

Dental implants are resilient and sturdy and are an almost natural means to replace missing teeth structures. Removable partial dentures are an alternative to implants; they are not as durable or as stable as a dental implant. Taking care of the implant site during healing is recommended to ensure faster healing and avert the breeding and build-up of bacteria that could disease the implant site. Visit us at Camas Dentistry for an implant procedure or book an appointment via 360-837-5992.
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